Our 2024 Goals

We have set the following goals for the Word-n-Will Ministry for 2024 and believe they will help us continue to build a solid foundation for this ministry:

Address Important "Why" Questions

This year we want to provide more thoughtful and detailed answers to the following three questions:

  • Why is biblical illiteracy a critical problem?
  • Why are the Word-n-Will Bible studies needed to address this problem?
  • Why do lay people need the in-depth Bible studies that Word-n-Will is creating?

The Word-n-Will ministry was created to address the problem of biblical illiteracy. However, we need to flesh out in more detail why this is a critical problem. We need to identify the negative consequences of biblical illiteracy. In order to convince foundations and major donors to support our ministry, we need to paint a clearer and more detailed picture of the seriousness of this problem.

We also need to find a way to convince people that the Word-n-Will Bible studies are needed to address this problem. There are already many Bible studies that people can use. So why is there a need for the Word-n-Will Bible studies? We need to highlight what is unique about our Bible studies, and why this uniqueness is important in addressing the problem of biblical illiteracy. We need to clearly communicate how the Word-n-Will Bible studies are designed to effectively address this problem.

Finally, because we are creating in-depth Bible studies, many people will conclude that our studies are not appropriate for them. Because they are not seminary students, why do they need such an in-depth study. While we realize that our studies will never be a good fit for everyone, we need to explain in more detail why our studies will be beneficial to many people and to the overall well-being of the church. We need to explain why it is important for lay people to have more than just a superficial understanding of the scriptures. We also need to find a way to convey the positive long-term impact that our studies can have. For example, once we have created Bible studies on numerous books of the Bible, students can continually be using our studies year-after-year. We need to paint a clear picture of the positive impact our Bible studies can have when students acquire an in-dept understanding of major portions of the Bible.

In 2024, we want to carefully address these questions and then clearly communicate our answers through our website, Facebook posts, and newsletters. We believe this endeavor will help us sharpen the focus of our ministry and increase our ability to raise financial support.

Create an Overview for Module 1

After we completed the first seven Bible study lessons for the Gospel of John, we planned to create a Module 1 Review. This review was to be a short review of the message of the first five chapters of the Gospel of John. Users could use this review to remind them of what was covered in those chapters before beginning to work through the lessons in Module 2.

While the initial plan was to create this review upon completion of Module 1, we decided to begin creating lessons for Module 2 first. Now that we have completed the first two lessons for Module 2, we want to create this review. However, instead of calling it a review, we now plan to call it an overview. As an overview, it will not only review what was covered in the first seven lessons, but it will pull together and provide an overview of the important themes of the first five chapters of John. We plan to complete this overview before beginning to work on the next lessons in Module 2.

Complete Additional Lessons for the Gospel of John

Most importantly, we want to complete the next two lessons for Gospel of John. These lessons will cover John chapters 7 and 8. After we complete these lessons, we will also want to get user feedback as soon as possible so that we can make any needed initial updates. This work of creating these two lessons will consume the majority of time this year because creating the lessons is a very labor-intensive process. If we raise enough financial support so that we can add additional staff, then we should be able to complete additional lessons.

Make Updates to Existing Lessons

In addition to creating new lessons, we also want to continue to update the lessons we have already created. The following are the updates we want to make:

  • Add closed captions to all of the lessons.
  • Rework the layout of the discussion questions in Module 1 to match the new layout used in Module 2.
  • Add functionality that clearly identifies the correct answers to multiple-selection homework questions if a user answers the question wrong twice. This functionality was added to Lesson 2 of Module 2.
  • Make needed corrections and changes based on user feedback.

Recruit Study Groups to Work Through Our Lessons

We want to continually find ways to improve the lessons that we have created. One of the best ways to do this is to have users work through our lessons and to give us feedback on them. From this feedback, we can learn what parts of the lessons are working well and what parts of the lessons need more attention. We would like to have at least three study groups work through our lessons this year.

We would also like to interview at least three students who were impressed with our lessons. We would then record these interviews and use them to create promotional videos to raise financial support and to recruit new users.

Promote the Word-n-Will Ministry

We want to continue to promote the Word-n-Will ministry through regular Facebook posts and our quarterly newsletter. The purpose of these posts and newsletters will be to:

  • Increase the reader’s understanding of the purpose and importance of our ministry.
  • Encourage them to visit our website to learn even more about our ministry.
  • Get them to work through one or more of our Bible studies on their own or as part of a Bible study group.
  • Encourage them to spread the word about our ministry to family and friends.
  • Challenge them to support our ministry financially.

Increase Financial Support

Our budget for 2024 is $27,190. In 2023, our total revenue was $23,567.23, so to have a balanced budget this year we will need to increase the amount of financial support that we raise. To do this, we will continue to ask people to support our ministry and continue to reach out to foundations that support ministries such as ours. Ideally, we would like to raise significantly more money than what we have budgeted so we can bring another person on staff sometime this year or at the beginning of next year.

Add Board Members

We currently have just three board members. We would like to add at least two more this year. Additional board members, who come from different backgrounds and have different perspectives, would help the board make even better decisions about how best to advance the cause the Word-n-Will ministry.

Complete the Leader’s Guide

As more groups begin to use our Bible studies, a leader’s guide becomes more and more important. We want to create a guide that provides some basic instructions for group leaders. We will then continue to enhance this guide in the future based on feedback we receive from the leaders who use it.