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Beginning in December 2021, we published our first Word-n-Will quarterly newsletter. To automatically receive our newsletter, go to our Newsletter Subscription page and subscribe to it.

December 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to the first-ever quarterly newsletter of the Word-n-Will Ministry! We are excited to share with you about our ministry. We hope this newsletter will give you a sense of what we are trying to accomplish, why we believe this is important, and what we are doing and plan to do to make this a reality. This newsletter addresses the following questions:

  • What Is the Mission of Word‑n‑Will?
  • Why Is Word‑n‑Will Needed?
  • Why Study the Entire Gospel of John?
  • Why Did Ken Gilmore Join Word‑n‑Will?
  • What Are Some of Our Recent Accomplishments?
  • What Is Next for Word‑n‑Will?
  • How Can You Help?

What Is the Mission of Word‑n‑Will?

The mission of the Word‑n‑Will ministry is to create eLearning Bible studies to help people know God’s WORD and do God’s WILL. We are creating in-depth studies of books of the Bible that are accessible to the average churchgoer. You can access any of our Bible studies for free from our website.


We create our Bible studies using the latest eLearning technology. This technology allows us to create Interactive and engaging studies. It also makes it possible for us to update these studies easily and economically based on user feedback and advances in eLearning technology.

Although any individual can benefit from our studies, they are designed to be used in conjunction with a study group. A study group helps to maintain the commitment needed to work through an entire book of the Bible and provides a supportive community to help you apply the text’s message to your life.

Each Bible study has three parts: homework, teaching, and discussion. The homework is designed to be worked through individually and helps you make careful observations about the text. The teaching part can be worked through individually or as a group. It focuses on interpretation or understanding the message of the text. The discussion part is designed to be worked through by your study group. It focuses on application with the goal of helping you incorporate God’s word into your life.

Why Is Word‑n‑Will Needed?

You may be asking, is there really a need for the Word‑n‑Will Ministry? Don’t we already have enough Bible study curriculum?

Although there are many resources available for studying the Bible, biblical illiteracy is still a real problem in the church today. The following diagram makes it clear that this is a problem. If we don’t know God’s word, how can we expect to do God’s will?


We have identified what we believe are some of the causes of this problem, and based on this analysis have developed what we believe is an effective strategy for addressing it (For more details, see the Our Strategy page on our website.). Part of our strategy is to take advantage of advances in technology and combine it with the best of biblical scholarship to create interactive and engaging Bible studies. Although this is a very time-consuming endeavor, we believe the Bible studies we are creating can make a real difference.

Why Study the Entire Gospel of John?

Currently, we are developing eLearning Bible studies for the Gospel of John. We are doing this because we believe a sound understanding of this gospel is only possible by studying the entire book.

The Gospel of John is divided into 21 chapters. In the last two verses of chapter 20, John gives us his purpose for writing this gospel. According to these two verses, he wrote it to record signs (miracles) that Jesus performed that we might believe and that by believing we might have life. In other words, the focus of this gospel is its signs, its purpose is to help us believe, and its end goal is to give us life.

John records seven of Jesus’ signs in his gospel, and we believe the entire gospel is built around these signs. The content associated with each sign is given to help us understand the sign’s significance. If we want the Gospel of John to have its intended impact on our lives, we need to identify each of the signs, try to understand how they can help us believe, and then how this believing can give us life. We can only do this by studying the entire gospel.


Why Did Ken Gilmore Join Word‑n‑Will?

A few years ago, Seth asked if I would serve as treasurer on the board of directors for Word‑n‑Will. Given the ministry's focus on teaching the eternal truths of scripture utilizing modern tools, I was immediately on board. Seth has done a fantastic job creating the resources we currently offer, along with the support of his wife, Janene. Still, over the past few years, one of the main discussion topics has been growing our staff team to increase our capacity to produce first-rate eLearning Bible study materials more quickly.

When I decided to step away from my role as a lead pastor after 27 years of pastoral ministry to focus my time and effort on pursuing a Ph.D., Seth, Janene, and I discussed the possibility of adding me to the staff on a part-time basis. After some prayer and further conversations, I joined the team accepting the position of co‑president. My responsibility is to provide leadership in organizational strategy, fundraising, promotion, and assist Bible study development.

I am excited to be a part of the team because we are creating quality Bible Study resources that are freely available to anyone with internet access. These studies are designed to take people deeper into the Word of God, covering entire books and not just parts of books. The better we know the Bible, the more we can understand and discern the will of God for our lives. I am grateful for the financial support of our donors that made my position a reality. It is an honor to serve this ministry and help it grow.

What Are Some of Our Recent Accomplishments?

In the past few months, we have made significant progress in several different areas.

We reconfigured the organization of our Bible studies for the Gospel of John. Previously we had these studies divided into 27 lessons. We realized that many study groups would find a 27-lesson study to be too daunting a task. To resolve this problem, we broke our lessons into four modules with either six or seven lessons in each module. After you complete a module, you can immediately move on to the next module or you can come back to it at a later date. Whenever you start the next module, you will first work through a review lesson that will give you a quick overview of the previous module.

We recently completed the 6th lesson of the 1st module. Once we complete the 7th lesson, we will have a finished module. Completing this module will be a major milestone for us as it will allow us to start promoting the use of Bible studies.

We have redefined our target audience and updated the lessons accordingly. Initially, our target audience was small groups. We have now expanded our target audience to include any type of Bible study group. The group might be a Sunday School class, a Bible study group, or a small group. Of course, an individual can also benefit from our Bible studies, but we believe they are most beneficial when worked through in conjunction with a community of other believers.

We upgraded the software we use to create our eLearning Bible studies. We were using a non‑subscription software, and had not purchased the subscription version because it costs $1300 per year. However, the major improvements in the software were only being added to the subscription version. Fortunately, we discovered that as a non-profit we could purchase the subscription version for half price and then get an additional 15% off with a three-year subscription. This upgrade has features that will save us time and greatly enhance our ability to get feedback on our lessons as we create them.

Finally, we have upgraded the security of our website. We believe it is important to have a secure website for the safety of everyone who visits it.

What Is Next for Word‑n‑Will?

We are excited to be on the verge of finishing the first of four modules in our study on the Gospel of John this winter. This module will be complete as soon as we finish its final lesson and create a leader’s guide for the entire module. At our current staffing level, each lesson takes at least three months to research, write, edit, record, and publish. Since this is a digital study, we also continually update and edit our studies based on feedback we receive from participants.

In the past few months, we have reached out to over forty charitable foundations in hopes of raising financial support for the years ahead. Eventually, we hope to be fully funded by participants in our studies, but as a start-up, we need to build our Bible study library to make that a reality. As we make progress, we'll keep you up-to-date.

The purpose of raising funds is to add staff to help create lessons and modules more quickly. Each module contains approximately six lessons, and one additional staff member would nearly double our capacity to produce the lessons. We would like to add an additional member to our staff by the middle of 2022, but we want to have a full year of funding before adding another staff person.

How Can You Help?

Thank you for taking the time to read our first-ever newsletter! We appreciate your interest, and if you would like to partner with us in our mission, you can help us in the following ways:

  • Pray for us. We know that this can be a common request from most Christian organizations, but we will accomplish nothing without prayer. Creating resources that we hope will have a spiritual impact requires spiritual input, and your prayers are essential to fuel our ministry. Would you please add us to your weekly prayers?
  • Visit our website. As we continue to build and refine our online resources, we must have fresh eyes on our pages to help us see details that get lost because the site is so familiar to us. It would be particularly beneficial to click on the Bible Studies, go through some lessons, and provide feedback. Your input will help improve what we do and will be much appreciated.
  • Share Word‑n‑ with others. The best advertising in the world is "word of mouth." If you find the lessons helpful, share them with your small group, maybe even doing the study together. Could you share our website with friends?
  • Make a financial gift. As we close our fiscal year and look forward to expanding our ministry team in the year to come, we need your support. Eventually, our organization will be funded by the donations of those who are actively using our materials. However, we are currently at the beginning stages of creating those resources, and your financial support will play a critical role in helping us build our online library. As a non-profit, our work relies on the generosity of others. Please go to our Donate page and consider a $25, $50, or $100 donation to show your support.