Our Finances

Building and sustaining the Word‑n‑Will ministry will require a substantial amount of financial support. The ultimate goal is for the ministry to be self-sustaining by having enough users who are willing to support the ministry with small contributions. However, in the initial years when the ministry is being built, we will need to raise support from other sources.

Financial Support in the Initial Years of the Ministry

Seth Seppanen is the only full-time staff member of the ministry. He plans to donate all of his time for the foreseeable future. Ken Gilmore plans to devote about 30 hours per week to the ministry. Seth’s wife, Janene, is also currently donating some of her time to review the materials that are being created. To learn more about them, click here.

We would like to add another staff member as soon as possible. We do have the ability to support a staff member for a couple of years. However, before we bring on another staff member, we would like to raise enough financial support so that we can be confident that we can support this position for the long term. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so the donations people make are tax deductible. We also realize that this staff member may need to raise some of their own support. As we add staff members and begin to produce more and more e-Learning studies for the Gospel of John, we believe it will become easier to convince major donors to support our ministry.

We believe the key ingredient to having a ministry that can eventually be self-sustaining is to pursue excellence in the development of the studies. The level of quality of the studies must be high enough so that a majority of those who use them will in turn recommend them to others. We believe that if we pursue excellence when developing the studies, the number of those who use the studies will continue to grow, and a majority of these users will provide some financial support for the ministry. We also believe the users must find the studies enjoyable and life‑changing in order for them to support the ministry.

A Scenario for Long-Term Financial Support

For this scenario, all of our users reside in the United States even though our Bible studies will be available to anyone who has internet access and understands English. This scenario is simply a way to illustrate the feasibility of raising support to make this ministry self‑sustaining.

This scenario has the following conditions:

  • If each year we can get an average of 10 small groups in each state to use our studies on the Gospel of John (when they are completed), then over a ten-year period 5,000 small groups would use these studies.
  • If we assume that each small group has 10 members (to keep the math simple), then 50,000 people would use the studies over a ten-year period.
  • If on average, each person in each of these small groups donates $10 to support our ministry, then we would raise $500,000 of support from these donations.

If we then continue to increase the number of small groups that are using our Bible studies each year as we develop studies for more and more books of the Bible, then we will eventually be able to raise enough support to be a self‑sustaining ministry.