We create Bible studies to help people know God’s word and do God’s will. To accomplish this lofty goal, we strive to do the following when creating our studies:

Create Studies for Books of the Bible

We create Bible studies for books of the Bible. We believe the only way to acquire a sound interpretation of a passage of scripture is to study it in the context of the entire book. We also believe the most important message of a book of the Bible is its overall message and that we can only understand this overall message by studying the entire book.

Our initial goal is to create studies for the books of John, Genesis, Romans, Isaiah, and Revelation in that order. Currently, we are creating studies for the Gospel of John.

Make the Studies Interactive and Engaging

The Bible studies we create are interactive and require user participation. Because the studies are interactive, the students are not passive participants, but are actively engaged in the study. The studies contain homework questions that require the students to study the text for themselves. As they work through these questions, they become active students of God’s word, instead of just passive listeners to teaching about God’s word.

The studies are designed to engage multiple senses of the student: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. They can see text, highlighted-text, maps, and photos. They can hear narration and music. They can move objects on a screen as a means of answering a question. Because the studies are engaging, they make the learning process enjoyable and memorable.

Design the Studies for Small Groups

Our Bible studies are designed to be used by small groups. The first part of each study is designed for each small group member to work through on their own. The primary focus of this part of the study is interpretation with the goal of helping each small group member acquire a sound understanding of God’s word. We want to help them move from a superficial, second-hand understanding of God’s word to a deep and personal knowledge of God’s word.

The second part of each study is designed to be used when the small group meets, and it focuses on application. It is important to know God’s word, but this knowledge is of little value if it does not result in doing God’s will. We believe the small group environment is the ideal environment for encouraging one another to do God’s will. Therefore, this part of the lesson is designed to help the small group become an environment where the members challenge and encourage each other to do God’s will.