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The Bible Is God's Inspired Word - We believe the Bible, although written by men, is the inspired word of God. We believe God gave us the Bible so we can know him and his will for our lives. Because we believe the Bible is God’s word, we also believe it is imperative that his followers diligently study it, strive to understand it, and then allow it to shape their lives.

Biblical Illiteracy Is a Serious Problem - We believe biblical illiteracy is a real and serious problem. If you do not know God’s word, how can you align your life with his will? We also believe that simply acknowledging the problem of biblical illiteracy is of little value. We need to understand what is causing the problem, and then develop an effective strategy to address it.

A Better Strategy Is Needed - We believe a better strategy is needed to overcome the problem of biblical illiteracy. We need a strategy that takes into account the obstacles that prevent people from acquiring a life-changing knowledge of the Bible. We also need a strategy that takes full advantage of modern technology and the varied skills and talents of a team of people.

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The Insights of Bible Scholars - We value the works of good biblical scholars, and we study a wide spectrum of scholarly works. We then strive to incorporate the best of their insights into our studies in a way that makes them readily accessible to our students.

Accessible Bible Studies - Just as the printing press made it possible for people to own their own Bible, the internet should make it possible for people to gain a sound understanding of the Bible. Our Bible studies are accessible for free to anyone with an internet-connected device.

User Feedback - Although we always want to create first-rate Bible studies, we also want to continue to improve them. We believe user feedback will play a key role in this process as it will give us valuable insights into how we can make our studies even better.

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